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Microstrategies for Silo Busting

In 2022 I was asked to give presentations on practical ways that a company could break down siloed behavior. Here are some of the microstrategies that I created:

  1. Call out siloed behavior and suggest a solution based on Systems Thinking
  2. Think deeply about how our decisions impact our customer/member experiences Remember that the more connected data we have, the better our ML models will be and the better our recommendations
  3. Read a book on Systems Thinking (see me for suggestions)
  4. Learn how to draw Causal Loop Diagram (I have PPT and Miro templates), Google “Causal Loop Diagrams”
  5. Make your GitHub repo PUBLIC. - Use Hashicorp Vault to store secrets
  6. Make your code searchable on HCP with Microsites
  7. Create a useful README so that other teams can quickly use your code and tag reusable assets
  8. Write a good “Getting Started” guide to encourage others to reuse your code
  9. Reward reuse and discourage reinvention
  10. Search GitHub and HCP before you create something new (look left, look right, go forward)
  11. Consider Open Source before you create new code
  12. When you see multiple groups building the same tools, build collaborations
  13. Build systems that scale for future users
  14. Promote data sharing so data scientists can build better predictive models
  15. Encourage high-quality publishing of data dictionaries (semantics and metadata)
  16. Promote data standards and data stewardship
  17. Look for ways to build bridges between teams building duplicative services
  18. Take a course on Systems Thinking
  19. Join a discussion group on Systems Thinking