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Presentations on Systems Thinking

Presentations Folder

If you are interested in prior courses I have taught and I customize this content to each group, you can go to the slides folder in my GitHub repo.

2021 Knowledge Graph Conference

This was the first 1/2 day workshop I did on systems thinking. The slides are here:

Graph Systems Thinking 2021 Version - this was presented to the Knowledge Graph conference in 2021. The slides don't really capture the workshop activities for the participants.

MACC Conferences

MACC Conference Graph Systems Thinking - Presented November 4th, 2021

Optum Architecture Conference

In the summer of 2022, I was asked to speak at the Optum Architecture conference. Their theme was "Borderless Codevelopment" which placed a focus on breaking down the silos within UHG. Borderless Codevelopment with Systems Thinking Note I had to remove some material from this slide deck that was confidential to UHG/Optum.

Optum DevDays Conference

Silo-Busting with Systems Thinking