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About This Book

Ten Million X

A ten million-fold increase in performance. That is what the new enterprise knowledge graph (EKG) industry is creating for organizations. The hypothesis of this book is that the old ways of problem solving with relational databases will not work at the scale of EKGs. We need new ways to think. Systems Thinking is the foundation of this new generation of problem solving tools.


This book in intended for the following audience:

  1. People that are trying to use Systems Thinking as a tool to promote Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs)
  2. People trying to understand the potential strategic impact of EKGs on large organizations.
  3. People that are attempting to debug the common glitches in adoption of EKGs as a central strategic platform for organizational sustainability.

Looking at the constraints of the past and realizing they are not the same constraints of the future.

There is no programming or math background required for this book, although familiarity with drawing tools and online shared waterboarding tools is encouraged.

Our Values

We value storytelling and the use of metaphors to help us communicate with non-technical staff.

Book Structure

The book is broken down into three parts.

Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction - what was once too expensive is now affordable Chapter 2: Graphs - Where are enterprise knowledge graphs as why are they central to future organizational strategy Chapter 3: Systems Thinking - What is Systems Thinking? Why is a good tool for EKG analysis? Chapter 4: Graph and Systems Thinking - Applying Systems Thinking to Graph Adoption

Part 2: Case Studies

These will be detailed stories of how teams have used systems thinking to promote graph adoption.

Part 3: Advanced Concepts

We will dive into advanced topics such as graph-based machine learning, cognitive bias and storytelling to promote good systems thinking best practices.