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Chapter 4: EKG Systems Cases Studies

Chapter Overview

  • The Predictive Feedback Cycle
  • Employee Career Paths
  • Standardize Cycles

The Predictive Feedback Cycle

The AI flywheel. Data -> Prediction -> Better Use -> More Data

Company Training: Out to go up

New Employee Hired -> Great Internal Training -> New Skills -> External Offers Come In -> Employees Leave

New Employee -> No Training or Training on Obsolete Tech (COBOL) -> Employee Stays and Teaches COBOL

Data Standardization Cycles

Ten Groups/Ten Standards -> Central Warehouse Fail -> Data Marts Too Expensive -> Few Insights - Lower Marketplace

Ten Groups -> Great Canonical Model -> Shared EKG -> Deep Insights -> More Marketshare

CIO Influence Diagram

Low-Resolution Data Models

  • Data modeling team gets burned on slow JOIN performance
  • Try to denomalize data models to minimize JOINS