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What People are Saying about the Graph Systems Thinking Course

I am grateful to be connected to many of the former students of this course. Here are just a few people that gave me permission to use their comment on the class. Please let me know if you would like to be included in our feedback loop!

Interested in Bringing Systems Thinking to Business

Thanks for a great talk on Systems Thinking + Graphs. I'm very interested in bringing Systems Thinking into business and development and, and your talk has encouraged me to revisit it.

Course Touched Multiple Pain Points

Thank you for very interesting session about graph system thinking and insightful Q&A. I hope to follow your journey. You have touched multiple pain points I currently have: PKGs, hardware support, graph system thinking... so, it is very good you have put so much effort into your blog. I am plan to study it once I am done with KGC.

Expanded Possibilities of EKGs

I really enjoyed your graph systems thinking course. It really expanded my thoughts about the possible opportunities as I start advocating for the development of an EKGs. Thanks again for the course and the various pointers to additional information.

Inspiring Talk

Thanks for your inspiring talk at the Knowledge Graph Conference!

EKGs and the Quality Movement

I really enjoyed your course on graph systems thinking and your Medium articles. I point people to them as references.

Your conversation about bringing on influencers is very reminiscent of the experience we had around the quality movement. The folks you have to convince to commit resources really do not understand the technology and speak only the languages of money and power. You have to approach them from where they are. Technical arguments do not work. Mostly you have to show them how they can get more money and power (or reduce the risk of losing) by supporting your program.

Happy to Find Similar EKGs and Systems Thinkers

Happy to find somebody else who is both into knowledge graphs and systems thinking.

Enjoyed Course

Really enjoyed your course on graph and systems thinkings. I'd love to get connected and discuss the future of KGs. We at OriginTrail are working on a decentralized knowledge graph, enabled by trusted data sharing utilizing blockchain for mediation. Looking forward to the rest of the workshop!

Microsoft Data Scientist

I loved your course on how graphs improve Systems Thinking.

  • Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft